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Maxville Games & Williamstown Fair, Glengarry, Ont.

Newsletter - Sept.  2013
Vol. 2,  Issue #4

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               Comments - Our Summer Acctivities
I Am Too Embarrassed To Ask Blog by John Heald
Cruise Tip, Price dropping after Final Payment
In The Know: Choosing Between Open Dining or a Traditional Seating on Your Next Cruise
2 Interesting web site's on packing tips


Our Summer Activities

     We have had a busy summer as I am sure most of you did as well but where did the summer go, I can hardly  believe it is nearly September.  We were back to Glengarry County for a couple of weeks at the end of July to mid August. We stayed in my sons trailer at our beach but were so busy we did not get to sit and enjoy Lake St. Francis very much.  

     We attended the Maxville Highland Games and the Williamstown Fair, there was a good crowd at both, we missed a few events that happened before and after we were in Glengarry but we will plan a longer stay next time. We also saw many old friends and relatives. 

      My husband Alex W. Fraser gave a talk on genealogy at the Glengarry Archives, Williamstown  and had an open house at the Dalkeith Historical Society Archives. We also spent a few days at the Cornwall Public Library doing genealogical research.    

     We drove around most of the back roads to see any changes made since we last visited and also took a drive around the Point Fortune, Grenville, Hawkesbury, Dalkeith area. 

     The weather was beautiful but the nights were a bit cool. If you are planning a trip to the Eastern Ontario area then the last week of July and the first half of August is the best time, in my opinion, to go.  We can help with your travel arrangements.

 Maxville Games for 66 years

 One of the pipe band's, one of 55 bands in the massed band

 Highland Calf at Fair

 Tug of War at the Williamstown Fair
The winning team from Williamstown


 John Heald

Growing up, my Dad was never one to spend long evenings in front of the TV. It was the Seventies and he was a Dad. So he was always busy doing Seventies Dad stuff. Woodworking in the shed and painting things around the house and of course tending to his beloved garden.
He never missed one show though. It starred an Irish comedian called Dave Allen. I am not sure if he ever made it big across your side of the pond though but to my Dad and millions of other British dads…..he was the king of comedy. Religion was his thing….. or making fun of it. Drunken priests, nymphomaniac Nuns and comical bishops all played a big part in his show……a throw back to his strict Irish Catholic upbringing. Here he is.
He would often finish his show with a top Ten Commandments list, very pre-David Letterman and very, very funny. He would choose subjects like drinking, smoking and general life subjects to base his commandments on. Dave Allen passed away some years ago and as a tribute to him…….here are my ten commandments……….on cruising.
1. Thou shalt not kill………….. unless a passenger enters an elevator before you exit. Then you shalt be allowed to beat them over the head with a Fun Ship Special glass until they breathe no more.
2. Thou shalt not covet they neighbor’s cabin. Look, if there’s somebody on your deck staying in the penthouse and wearing loads of jewelry and bling they’re obviously involved in some sort of unspeakable internet-based “business.” Therefore thou shalt report them to United States Customs and Border Patrol.
3. Thou shalt not call Carnival “the Wal-Mart of the Seas.” Neither can you stereotype anyone for the cruise line they choose to spend their vacations on. Unless they are on the Norwegian Epic in which case they are obviously blind.
4. Thou shalt not bring a power strip on the ship. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then it is for a power strip to be smuggled past Carnival’s Chief of Security Ramesh Wouldyoulikemylatexgloveupyourbottom.
5. Thou shalt not slap a big ugly “X” on your smoke stack or paint graffiti on the bow. Not if you’re a grown-up. Oh and note to basketball stars……….thou shalt not put spinners on your Aston Martins.
6. Thou shalt not have rumpy pumpy on the balcony lest you fall overboard. Thou thinkist that no bugger can see you but thou givest a great show to Rocco and his mates on the bridge.
7. Thou shalt not attempt to justify building a 6,000-passenger ship just because thou is jealous that Micus Arisonus got Princess Cruises and thou did not.
8. Thou shalt say please and thank you when asking Bigus Johnus for a table for two, otherwise thou shalt be known on the blog as Rudos Bastardus.
9. Thou shalt not refer to the cabin steward as a cabin “stewart.” It is steward and not “stewart” and if thou uses the word “stewart” again thou shalt find a towel animal on thy bed in the shape of a thingy.
10. Thou will never ever ask the captain “If you are here, who is driving the ship?” Thou is not the first person to ask this question and the next one who does will enjoy a tour of the propellers.


Cruise Tip: Cruise Price Dropping After Final Payment
Mar 10th, 2011 by Alara.
I get asked this question a lot,
“If my cruise price drops will I get the lower rate?”
The answer in the past was, yes.  But the cruise lines have recently changed that policy.
Here are the price reduction policies for the major cruise lines.
Please note, these policies can and do change at any time!
  • If you find a lower rate and it is before your final payment date (outside of penalty) they will honor the lower the rate.  If the prices drop after your final date (when cancellation penalties apply) they will NOT honor the lower rate or issue any kind of refund. Do contact your personal cruise guide as sometimes there can be circumstances that you are able to receive an upgrade for the difference in the fare; this is determined by the ship, sailing date, availability,  and pricing so not all cases can take advantage.
  • However, if you have reserved early enough and booked Carnival’s ‘Early Saver Rate’ they will re-price your reservation and honor the lower advertised rate up to 2 days prior to sailing.  The Early Saver Rate rewards those who book early, and is usually the lowest cruise price (up to 25%off!) offered when booking at least 6 months in advance.  There are restrictions to this rate, such as a non-refundable deposit and administrative fees for any changes. But you will have a lower rate and again if the rates drop after the final payment they will re-price the booking.
  • If you find a lower rate and it is before your final payment date they will re-price the reservation.  If the prices drop after your final date (when cancellation penalties apply) they will NOT honor the lower rate or issue any kind of refund. Again, call your personal cruise guide, in some instances (if there is plenty availability) you are able to receive an upgrade or other form of compensation for the difference in fare; this is determined by the ship, sailing date, availability,  and pricing so not all cases can take advantage.
  • If you find a lower rate and it is before your final payment date they will re-price the reservation.  If the prices drop after your final date (when cancellation penalties apply) they will NOT honor the lower rate or issue any kind of refund. However, they do look to see if they can upgrade you to a category of equal value.
  • If you find a lower rate, they will re-price both before AND after your final payment date. The only rate they will not re-price is a“Flash” promotion.  These ‘Flash’ Rates offered by Princess are 100% non-refundable, lower rates that are usually available when booking about 6 months in advance.   Ask your agent if you are getting a ‘Flash’ rate when making your reservation.
Please note, that all of the cruise lines will NOT honor a lower a rate if that is a promotional fare they are advertising for new bookings only. For example, if you book a Royal Caribbean sailing for October now, and in 2 months they have a ‘WOW’ (one or two day) sale, you would not qualify for that rate or promotional offers.  Those special offers are based on new bookings only. Unfortunately you cannot cancel and re-book, they are able to track this and if that has happened you could potentially face paying the higher rate on day of sailing.
In the Know: Choosing Between Open Dining or a Traditional Seating on Your Next Cruise
Aug 7th, 2012 by Alara.
Cruise ship dining has always been part of leisure cruising’s storied past. From an ocean liner’s elegant first-class dining rooms to the buffet-style restaurants on Lido decks, it is well-known that you can always eat, and eat well, on a cruise vacation.
Until recently, dining on a cruise was fairly predictable. You had your classic first (6pm) and second (8-8:30pm) seatings, along with a more casual atmosphere on the Lido (pool) deck of the ship.
But as cruise lines are constantly altering their ships, and bringing exciting innovations to the cruise industry, your static, traditional first and second seatings are suddenly out of date – with ‘open’ seatings, specialty restaurants, and spa-like eateries taking over.
Typically, when you confirm your cruise reservation you select the traditional early or first (6pm), late or second (8-8:30pm) dining time based upon personal preference. You dine in the main dining room at the same time each evening, at the same assigned table, with the same table mates and server.
A traditional dining time has many advantages besides being a classic part of cruise history.
  • You don’t need to worry about what time you will eat dinner, you just know what time to be ready.
  • Your server is good, very good, and will remember if you like to have exactly 1 ½ Diet Cokes before you even order your meal. You can bet there will be exactly 1 ½ Diet Cokes waiting for you at your seat for the duration of the cruise.
  • You are assigned to a particular table with other passengers, sizes ranging from 4-10 guests. This, also, is a class part of cruise history. Cruising is a very social vacation; it allows you the opportunity to meet life-long friends. Many of those friendships have started at the dinner table.
While the traditional seating options are popular with many, one of the biggest revolutions to cruise ship dining was open seating introduced by Norwegian Cruise Line and later adopted by other major cruise lines. Coined Freestyle Dining, My Time Dining, or Anytime Dining depending on which line you select.
If you choose an open seating style for your cruise, this simply means you have an open dining time.
  • You are able to visit the Main Dining Room whenever you’d like, usually between the hours of 5:45pm-9:30pm.
  • Similar to restaurant-style seating, you approach the dining room and ask for a table for 2, or however large your party may be. You are able to dine alone, or be seated with other guests.
  • This style of seating provides wonderful flexibility. If you’d like to stay in port a little longer, take a nap, or have a little extra time at the pool – so be it. You don’t have to be anywhere.
  • With the flexibility, you lose a little familiarity. Your server will change each evening (unless you make a specific request for the same person, there might be a wait) and you will not be sitting with the same guests.
  • There may be a short wait at popular dinner times, but you are able to call down and make a reservation each evening if you have an idea of when you would like to have dinner.
Depending on your cruise ship, along with your choices in the Main Dining Room of traditional dining or open seating, you can have upwards of 10-15 additional dining venues including complimentary options and some with an additional fee.
And don’t forget about the 24 hour room service!
Whatever you’re craving, whatever time you’re craving it, you’re sure to find it on your next cruise vacation.




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