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Summer Holidays

 July 2013, Vol 2, Issue 6  

         Travel & Cruise News and Items of interest
        A Newsletter from Rosswin Travel, 
      Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC
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Table of Contents:
Bits & Pieces
Travel Industry Terminology
Artist of the Month
12 Budget Travel Tips
Become a travel agent

Wishing everyone a Happy Canada Day 
and to our American friends a 
Happy Independence Day on the 4th July

Bits & Pieces of our summer schedule
Summer is finally here and we are expecting some nice warm weather after a lot of rainy and damp days. A nice change and now we will be complaining about the heat. We have not yet put out our patio table and chairs, usually these would have been out a month ago. I guess we are getting lazy in our old age.
Alex won two tickets to the  "Pacific Tattoo" and we will be going to Victoria for the July 13th evening performance. Our summer holiday's will start on the 29th July we will be flying into Ottawa and then driving to Bainsville to visit family in the Glengarry area for a couple of weeks.  While there we will attend the Glengarry Highland Games at Maxville, the Williamstown Fair and a couple of other events while in the area.  It has been two years since we were home. 
As I will not be near my computer while on holiday's there will be no newsletter in July, the next one will be at the end of August. 
I have also put in some additional pictures in my Comox Valley Pictorial blog.
I would like to wish everyone a wonderful & safe summer holiday.

 Everyone got into the parade spirit, Courtenay, BC, July 1st. 2013 parade

 Runners in the 1 mile event, July 1st. 2013, Courtenay, BC

 Old Fire Truck, July 1st. Parade, Courtenay, BC

  The travel season being in full swing 
Here is some travel Industry Terminology  for you.

Tour Conductor .  
1. An employee of or contractor to a tour operator who accompanies and is in overall charge of a tour.
2. A member of a group taking a tour who is designated as that group's leader and who might have played a key role in bringing the group together for the tour.

Tour Conductor Pass A free passage, as on a cruise, awarded for a specific number of bookings. Typically, a tour conductor pass is controlled by the travel agent responsible for the bookings and can be used at the agent's discretion for personal use or for the tour conductor.

Theme cruise. A cruise designed to appeal to a specific clientele with specific interests.

Lido deck. On a cruise ship, the area around the swimming pool.

Cruise to nowhere. A cruise, typically of short duration and with an emphasis on partying and gambling, with no ports of call.

Denied boarding compensation. Payment given passengers who've been bumped from a flight, cruise, or land-tour. May be a free trip, money, or accommodations.

Domestic airline. An air carrier that provides service within its own country. Also called a domestic carrier. 

Affinity group. A group of people linked by a common bond, such as ethnicity or membership in an organization.

Through passenger. Any passenger who is not disembarking at a particular stop.

Through fare. Fare to a foreign destination reached via a gateway city.

Non-transferable. Cannot be used by anyone other than the person to which it was issued, as a ticket.

Open jaw. A trip that has no air travel between two points on the itinerary.  

Open Jaw.  An itinerary in which the traveler flies from point A to point B; travels by another form of transportation (ie car or rail) from B to C; then returns by air from C to A. 

 Non Stop Flight.  A flight that proceeds directly to the final destination without any stops at intermediate points. 

 Code Share.  is an arrangement whereby an airline sells seats, under its own name, on another carrier’s flight (ie you buy a ticket with Air Canada but actually fly with Delta) 

Bait and switch. An illegal sales tactic in which a consumer is lured by a low price only to be told that the "special offer" is no longer available and steered to a higher priced product.

Familiarization trip. A low-cost trip or tour offered to travel agents by a supplier or group of suppliers to familiarize the agents with their destination and services. Example, a resort property or group of hotels and restaurants in Aruba might team up with an airline or tour operator to offer a discount fam trip to the resort or to Aruba. Generally referred to as a "fam trip."

Guarantee .1. n. An assurance that a product or service will be provided at an agreed-upon time and/or meet stated specifications, often with a promise that the purchaser will be reimbursed if the product or service fails to meet the guarantee. 2. v. To answer for a product or service meeting agreed-upon conditions. 3. v. To pay for a guarantee of product or service performance.

Wait list, waitlist. 1. n. A roster of names of those wishing passage on a full flight or other trip, usually honored in order in case of cancellations. 2. n. A group of people waiting for cancellations. 3. v. To place someone on such a list.

PAX.  Abbreviation for passenger. 

Hub. An airport or city which serves as a central connecting point for an airline. 

 Direct Flight.  A flight which may make an intermediate stop or stops before reaching its final destination but requires no change of aircraft. 

Lead In. The lowest price available.

Debark. To get off a plane or ship.

Enplane. To board an airplane.

Embark. 1. To board a ship, plane, or other transportation vehicle. 2. To start out. 

FIT.  Free Independent Travel.

GIT.  Group Independent Travel.

Travel Industry Terminology.pdf



Nicole Sussmane has left a new comment on your post "Travel and the Hard of Hearing": 

When taking a trip not designed for the deaf or hard of hearing loop technology can be very helpful. This is being implemented in hotels and public places across America. Loop stands for ampetronic loops, aka audio-frequency introduction loops. These emit electromagnetic signals, conveying sounds of interest to nearby hearing aids. 

For more information on loop technologies and other travel tips for the hard of hearing you can visit the following article: 



Going on a trip doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. You can have a wonderful vacation without breaking the bank.
By Alison Ramsey for
The best way to get the vacation of your dreams is to know exactly what kind of experience you’re seeking.
So before booking, chat up your friends, relatives and travel agents to learn about the destinations that appeal most to you. Once you have an idea of where you want to go, follow these tips to help keep to your budget.
  1. Travel off-season. Check with the local tourism office to find out when their off-season starts.
  2. Travel double occupancy. When travelling with someone, sharing a room will be cheaper than booking two separate rooms.
  3. When flying, either plan well in advance (ideally, 10 months to a year ahead) or at the last minute (two weeks or less before you leave).
  4. Be flexible. You can save on fares by travelling mid-week, or choosing sunny Varadero, Cuba, over sunny Cancun, Mexico.
  5. Check with your credit card company for existing travel or car insurance.
  6. Book a package deal or an all-inclusive trip. (But if you prefer local restaurants to hotel fare, or spur-of-the-moment activities to planned outings, all-inclusives may not be a good idea.)
  7. Brown bag healthy snacks and meals to avoid pricey airport or train food. Book a hotel room with a kitchenette, to save on meals.
  8. Consult with your travel agent to preplan trips; surf the Internet for immediate deals.
  9. Ask your travel agent where to change your money to get the best exchange rate.
  10. Visit Amtrak Hot Deals or  ViaRail Special Deals to get the best prices on North American rail travel.
  11. Visit web sites such as  Eurail or Flightcentre to buy your European rail pass before you leave Canada.
  12. When going by car, use the most fuel-efficient model on hand (subcompact, compact and hybrids are best). To save even more gas, use cruise control, keep to the speed limit, run the air conditioning as little as possible and pack the trunk before loading down the roof.
  13. From -


Are You Interested in Becoming a Travel Agent


Artist of the Month

Eunmi Conacher

 I earned a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Seoul, Korea. Post - Graduate studies occurred in Sydney, Australia and Tsukuba, Japan.
I moved to Canada in 1997 and operated a small business in Whistler with my husband, where
we enjoyed mountain life.
After settling in Nanaimo in 2004, I renewed my interest in painting. I have taken several workshops
on Vancouver  Island.I have participated in lots of exhibits and art events.
In my painting, I use depth of colour to capture the mood and the atmosphere of the scene. My focus lately has been on finding a balance between realism and abstract.
I view myself as a contemporary impressionist and expressionist.



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