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A Pictorial View of the Comox Valley, BC

Newsletter - Jan. 2013
Vol. 2,  Issue #1

        Travel & Cruise News and Items of interest
               A Newsletter from Rosswin Travel, Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC

 A Pictorial View of the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, BC

                                        If you cannot visit the Comox Valley then we will bring the Comox Valley to you.

This month I am doing something a bit different, I am sending you the link to my blog on the Comox Valley.  It is a blog with 26 posts which will portray the different sections of the Comox Valley with photos of  buildings, homes, events, and more.  
These posts will have additional pictures posted as I attend events and I come across an interesting subject to photograph.

If you are visiting British Columbia and are in the Vancouver area then put aside some time and plan a trip to Vancouver Island and put the Comox Valley on your agenda.  This will include,  the City of Courtenay, Town of Comox and Village of Cumberland, plus the smaller community's nearby and the Islands of Hornby and Denman.

 The area has expanded greatly since we moved here in 2000 and we love all the activity that takes place, never a dull moment.  It is known as the Valley of the Festivals and rightly so. It has also become a paradise for artists and musicians with all the revelent events taking place.

In this blog I have not tried to do a history of the area or its people as there are numerous blog and websites with this information posted but have maybe created an interest to learn more.

Start at : The Comox Valley - Welcome, the following URL will bring you to the Welcome page, if not please contact me at 
Click under catagories to access each of the blogs.


 Travel Tips

How to avoid the symptoms of jet lag


When travelers take journeys to far away destinations, they may have to miss some of the fun by recovering from jet lag. This happens when individuals pass through a number of time zones or have experienced an exceptionally taxing flight. However, there are plenty of ways to combat this plight that may make for a more pleasant adventure travel experience.
According to Australia News, there are methods travelers can utilize to reduce the stomach aches, insomnia or other ailments associated with this condition. Some experts suggest that passengers should stay in bright sunlight or darkness when they can to have the body think they are on a normal schedule. Guests can draw the shades in the middle of the day or expose themselves to UV lights at night to accomplish this.
Avoiding the urge to nap may also be helpful in the long run, reports Psychology Today. This forces the brain to accept normal sleeping patterns and travelers can recover quicker. Some individuals may also wish to prepare ahead of time by having a routine sleep schedule in place before embarking on a trip.
Thanks to Travel Guard for this information


A cruise is the perfect way to stage a family reunion


Many people choose to stage their family reunions a massive vacations where the whole family travels together. However, visiting a city or other common vacation destination with the entire extended family poses some issues. How to make sure everyone stays together? And how to plan activities that everyone will enjoy? Grandma might be able to stay at a museum all day, but a four-year-old nephew likely won't last five minutes. Conversely, elderly travelers won't get much out of an amusement park.
The answer for many families is a cruise. Cruises are a great way to plan a family reunion because it ensures that there's something for everyone. Many of the adults will be happy relaxing by the pool and exploring the many different destinations. Kids will love the bevy of activities that most cruises aim at youngsters.
Best of all, cruises allow families to pursue their own interest while still sitting down for a nice family dinner at the end of the day. The kids can swim in the pool while the adults go shopping, but everyone can meet for a family meal in the dining room when all is said and done. Cruise lines are well equipped to serve large groups, and everybody will have their own choice of dining option- not to mention that meals are included.
For a hassle-free family reunion vacation, it's tough to beat the convenience and variety of taking a cruise.
Thanks to Travel Guard for the following article


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