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Rhoda's Travel Bits and Tips August

                   Rhoda's Travel Bits and Tips
                       August  2012
                 Travel Information

Planning a cruise? You might want to check the Cruise Line passenger information and restrictions before you book. This can be found on each individual cruise line web site.

Each cruise line has their own rules & regulations. 

Cruise Restrictions
(If you are not sure about any of the following information please check with the cruise line before booking your cruise)
- On most cruise lines ( there are exceptions) passengers under the age of 21 years will have to have a person 21 years or older booked in the same cabin.
- On most ships guests under 12 weeks old are prohibited on the ship. 
- You will need a passport that is valid for 6 months from cruise date.
- You will need a valid credit card
- Traveling with children can involve much documentation, do not be disappointed always make sure you have the proper documents with you so you will be allowed on the ship, airplane, bus or crossing from one country to another.

(Check out the following web site if you are from Canada:
 My September “Travel & Cruise News and Items of Interest” newsletter will feature “Traveling with Children” watch for it in your e-mail box or send a request for a copy to be sent to you if you are not on my regular mailing list.

What restrictions do cruise lines place on pregnant travelers?
Most cruise lines don't allow pregnant women to sail during their third trimester or so. To sail with Carnival or Royal Caribbean, for example, a mom-to-be must be no more than 23 weeks along at any time during the cruise. Specific policies vary, however, so check with the cruise line before booking.

Even if the cruise line doesn't require it, it's a good idea to carry a letter from your healthcare provider stating your due date, your fitness for travel, any medical conditions, and any medications you're taking. That way you can avoid unpleasant surprises at the boarding dock.

Cabin Pricing
Some cabins hold 3 & 4 people, prices on 3 & 4 person are slightly less per person.


Travel Scams

the following is from Leyla newletter and I thought it worth repeating.

How Travelers Can Avoid Some of the Best-Known Scams - Issue 53

Rewrap and Unwrap
Found an unbelievable bargain at the market? Beware of the kind offer to take it into the back room to wrap it so you can carry it home. Don't let your purchase out of your sight or you might end up with a surprise. In Morocco I bought a lovely white sheepskin and was delighted to have it well-wrapped for travel. Until I got home and found it had been replaced by a ratty old cowhide with a white fluffy trim - the only visible bit.

The Long Way Home
Taxi? New to town? Sorry but your hotel is an hour away... Have we passed that building five times? No? Preying cab drivers (not the majority by the way) may take advantage of your obvious ignorance to take you the loooong way and so charge you a lot more. Best way to avoid this is to ask the airport or train station information desk how much the average trip costs and mention the price to the cab driver before you get in. Don't speak the language? Scribble the amount on a piece of paper. This one has happened to me more times than I can count, on every single continent.

Your Hotel is Closed/Burned Down/Sold/Non-Existent
In countries where touts try to 'guide' you towards hotels where they receive commissions, you might unsuspectingly be told your hotel doesn't exist, that it's under renovation or any such nonsense. Fine. You can agree. But insist to be taken there to see for yourself, as I once did in Phuket. I'll bet 99% of the time it'll be right where it's supposed to be. It was.



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