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Weddings At Sea, at Resorts, in Europe & Asia

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  Painting by Finlay Ross, Bainsville, Ont.

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at Sea, Resorts, in Europe & Asia
The following is just a brief summery of information that is available on the subject of weddings.  
  Weddings and renewal of vows on Cruise ships, at the scheduled ports of call, the private islands owned by the cruise lines and at most of the larger resorts are becoming very popular, not only in the Caribbean but wherever the cruise ships go.  
Most of the larger resorts in the Caribbean and other southern destinations have a wedding planner on staff to help you with your wedding arrangements and the different costs associated with your plans. At some resorts if you book a room for a few days, (usually a higher priced one) or have guests who book for a certain number of day’s they will arrange your wedding at no cost to you.
If you are getting married in the South Pacific, Fiji offers great value right now.  On Fiji you can have a unique, traditional or traditionally Fijian weddings and the cost is around $1,500 compared to a wedding in the US which can run to $25,000 or more.
 In Italy and Greece the wedding laws are more relaxed than in other areas of Europe. The most popular place to get married in Greece is at Santorini and the best time is in early summer or autumn. 
In France there is a 40 day residency law. 
Couples from the East coast of the United States and Canada tend to go to the Caribbean or Florida to get married and if living on the west coast go to Hawaii and 
It would be a good idea to start planning your wedding at least 9 to 14 months before. Especially if you are getting married in Europe or Asia where document’s are required to be translated in most countries and suggest you have all your documents approved before you go to any country.
Orlando (Disney World) and Las Vegas are the most popular areas in the US to honeymoon. 
There are many travel agents that specialize in arranging and booking weddings at resorts and on cruise ships, if you are interested in contacting an agency e-mail me for more information.  
Wedding website, “”, polled 2,767 qualified respondents and found that 39 percent cited the Caribbean as the best wedding destination region in the world.  Mexico finished second with 24 percent while Hawaii received 20 percent of the vote. In fact, 83 percent, or 8 in every 10 international destination weddings, take place in these three places.
                                                                        Picture Cruise Critic web page
(The following web sites are just a few of the many available on the internet)  ( Note: we are not affiliated with any of them.)
Cruise Critic has a great deal of information on their website:
See also:
Getting married in Greece:
See below for specifics about the wedding options on various major cruise lines:
Also go on-line for a more detailed account of what is offered by the Cruise line of your choice - put in ex. “Carnival Cruise Line Weddings” or ex. “Costa Cruise line Weddings” that should bring up a choice of web sites from that cruise line view. 
  1. Azamara Weddings at Sea
  2. Carnival Weddings at Sea
  3. Celebrity Cruises Weddings at Sea
  4. Costa Cruises Weddings at Sea
  5. Crystal Cruises Weddings at Sea
  6. Cunard Line Ltd. Weddings at Sea
  7. Disney Cruises Weddings at Sea
  8. Holland America Line Weddings at Sea
  9. MSC Italian Weddings at Sea
  10. Norwegian Cruise Lines Weddings at Sea
  11. Oceania Cruises Weddings at Sea
  12. P&O Cruises Weddings at Sea
  13. Princess Cruises Weddings at Sea
  14. Regent Seven Seas Weddings at Sea
  15. Royal Caribbean International Weddings at Sea
  16. Sea Cloud Weddings at Sea
  17. SeaDream Yacht Club Weddings at Sea
  18. Silversea Cruises Weddings at Sea
  19. Uniworld Boutique River Collection Weddings at Sea
  20. Viking River Cruises Weddings at Sea
  21. Windstar Cruises Weddings at Sea
  22. Yachts of Seabourn Weddings at Sea
Cruise Critic has a great deal of information on their website as well:
Marriage Requirements in Mexico
For marriage requirements in other countries the web site is a good place to start. 
Embassy of Mexico in Canada
 Marriage requirements in Mexico
Canadian citizens or Permanent residents in Canada wishing to get married in Mexico must present the following documents before the officer of Registro Civil (equivalent to the Office of the Registrar General) of the city or town where the marriage is going to take place:
a) A filled application form (provided at the local Registro Civil). This includes an agreement prepared by the couple indicating whether their marriage will be signed under the system of separate or common ownership of their goods and properties.
b) A certified copy of their birth certificates (long version), previously legalized by the Mexican Consular Office having jurisdiction over the region where the birth certificates was issued.
c) In the case one of the parties has been married before, the couple must present a certified copy of the divorce decree, legalized by the Mexican Consular Office having jurisdiction over the region where the divorce decree was issued; or, a certified copy of the Death Certificate, legalized by the Mexican Consular Office with jurisdiction over the place where the spouse died.
d) A physician’s certificate stating that according to the blood tests and X- Rays taken in Mexico, neither applicant suffers from any contagious disease.
e) Two legally qualified witnesses (over 18 years old), who must be present at the ceremony, swearing that the applicants do not have any legal impediment to marry.
f)  Payment of a fee.
These are general requirements and could be different depending of the federal state where the marriage will take place. Resorts and hotels could be able to provide information about the local requirements.
Important information
  • A civil marriage in Mexico is fully valid for legal purposes in any other country unless the parties were deliberately evading restrictions imposed by their own National Laws.
  • A certified copy of the Original Marriage Certificate may be obtained from the Registro Civil, once the marriage has been performed. This document can be legalized by the Canadian Embassy or Canadian Consulates in Mexico, so it can be recognized thereafter as a valid document by any Canadian authority.
  • People under 18 years old cannot marry without the consent of their parents or legal guardians.
  • In some states divorced people cannot marry in Mexico until one year after the divorce order has been issued by the judge, unless otherwise indicated in the divorce decree.
If a foreigner intends to marry a Mexican citizen, the foreign citizen must obtain authorization from the Instituto Nacional de Migración (National Institute of Immigration). To obtain this authorization, the foreign citizen must be in Mexico and present his/her valid passport and valid Migratory Form. He/she must provide the date, place and number of the office where the marriage will take place. The Mexican party must provide proof of his/her nationality. Complete requirements for this permit must be consulted at any office of the Instituto Nacional de Migración.
World Wide Baggage Fee Chart
Airlines continue to implement and change baggage fees, adding to the overall cost of air travel. Our Worldwide Airline Baggage Fee Chart shows you which major airlines are charging for first and second checked bags, as well as how much they’re charging for additional bags, overweight and oversized luggage, pet carriers and more. The chart also provides a quick look at each airline’s carry-on bag policies, so you’ll be better prepared the next time you head to the airport. Bag fees can, and do, vary by cabin class and often by distance flown. To be sure you have the right information, always check with the airline you fly.
 Flying Air Canada - Carry on Baggage information
Travel Tips of the Day 
from Fodors web page
July 13, 2011, 
Unless you're serious about shopping, don't engage Antigua street vendors 
Antigua's streets are full of women and children peddling their wares, but only converse with them if you're serious about buying. The vendors get aggressive, and will follow you around in the hope that you'll break down and buy something. If you're not interested, don't make eye contact and keep walking.
July 12, 2011 | Fodor's Editors
Buses are much faster than most trains in Turkey, and provide inexpensive service almost around the clock between all cities and towns; they’re fairly comfortable and often air-conditioned. Express buses between major cities are significantly faster and more comfortable than local buses. See our favorite itineraries in our Turkey Travel Guide
July 11, 2011 | Fodor's Editors
Not all beaches are swimmable all the time (or ever). Flags on beaches alert you to the surf. Red flags warn of dangerous swimming conditions; yellow flags indicate that you should use caution; and green flags mark safe-swimming areas. (More)See our Los Cabos Travel Guide.
 July 8, 2011
Know who and how much to tip when you arrive at the hotel The doorman may assist you with your luggage, for which you may tip $1-$2 for their assistance. When checking in, it is not customary to offer a tip to the front desk. If the bellman assists in carrying luggage to your room, he should receive $1-$2 per bag. If the hotel valet hails you a cab, it's $1-$2 for their attention.
Mind your head in Fiji
When venturing into the smaller villages, wearing hats and/or touching someone on the head is considered very disrespectful, so opt for sunscreen and a pair of shades, and keep your hands to yourself. In the larger towns hats are more acceptable, but still try to avoid the passerby’s pate. See our Fiji coverage

Another Money Grab
Besides charging you if you want a certain seat on a plane, one that has more leg room or is in the front of the plane the airlines are now starting to charge for carry on baggage, see the following web sites.. 
The following article on seat charges is from  The Wall Street journal /The middle Seat, copied in part (see full account on  
Seat fees are the latest iteration of the airline industry's new normal. Carriers are blocking more seats from advance-seat selection, especially for low-fare passengers. More crowded planes also make it tougher to get a desirable seat. As a result, more travelers are feeling pressured to pay a fee and reserve a seat rather settle for an assigned one—which could be a middle seat or not located next to their family members. Worse, those without assigned seats stand a higher chance of getting bumped from a flight.
Overhead baggage
There are some airlines that have started to charge a fee to store your overhead baggage, Spirit and Allegiant Airlines are two and by the time this article is in print I would not be surprised if there were others.
Allegiant Air to charge $35 carry-on fee
The low-cost airline which flies out of Bellingham will start charging the fee on Wednesday, although passengers who have already booked their flights won’t be charged. view full article
April 06, 2010|By A. Pawlowski, CNN
With many airlines now charging a fee for checked luggage, the next step had to come sometime: A carrier asking passengers to pay for the privilege of bringing carry-on bags on board.Well, that time is here.
Spirit Airlines announced Tuesday that it will charge its customers $20 to $45 for items they place in the overhead bins.
The cost depends on whether passengers are members of the airline's ultra-low fare club and whether they "pre-reserve" their carry-on bag in advance.

OVER THE TOP: Check this article out on the following website..


 Los Angeles Times / Travel
Fee-driven Spirit Airlines will raise carry-on bag charge to $100
By Mary Forgione
Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger
May 3, 2012, 9:52 a.m.
Spirit Airlines, the first carrier to impose fees for carry-on bags, starting in November will charge as much as $100 per bag for passengers who bring luggage to stow in the overhead bin. 
It currently costs $45 if you show up at the gate with a carry-on bag. That figure will rise to $100 on Nov. 6, according to baggage fees listed on the airline's website. 
Spirit has a dizzying menu of bag fees that are tied to the point in your reservation when you "buy" the option of taking along a carry-on bag.
For example, it will cost $35 for a carry-on bag purchased when you make your reservation, $50 if you buy the option at an airport counter or kiosk, and $100 if you wait until you're at the gate. The airline also is raising some fees for checked baggage, too.
Spirit's rationale is that passengers can get "ultra low base fares" for airline tickets by paying fees only for "the extras they value," the website says. So I suppose if you "value" luggage -- carry-on or checked -- you pay up.
Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Transportation required airline prices to be more transparent by including government taxes and fees in advertised airfares. But fees for baggage and other extras remain hidden, which can turn a real deal into a real gotcha.
NerdWallet has a free searchable tool that compares fees -- for ticket changes, baggage, etc. -- among major domestic airlines. And SmarterTravel offers a free download of Airline Fees: The Ultimate Guide.
And for a good laugh view the following
Report: Famed 'Love Boat' cruise ship headed to scrapyard
By Gene Sloan, USA TODAY
The former Princess Cruises ship Pacific Princess.
Courtesy Princess Cruises
One of the most famous cruise ships of the modern era, the former Pacific Princess, is heading to the scrapyard, according to Italy's La Repubblica.
The news outlet says the 40-year-old vessel, recognizable to millions of Americans as the "Love Boat" of 1970s television, has been sold to a Turkish demolition company for just over 2.5 million euro -- about $3.3 million at current exchange rates.The 19,903-ton, 600-passenger ship, tiny by today's standards, has been languishing at a dock in Genoa, Italy for more than a year. The vessel last sailed for Spanish-based Quail
Cruises after changing hands a couple times since sailing for Princess Cruises from 1975 until 2002.
                                “Originals Only”
Debbie Salmon, Joe Smith and Gail Neuls, the “Artist of the Month” which I have included in these newsletters all belong to the “Originals Only” - a group of Artists from the Comox Valley Area of Vancouver Island, BC and the surrounding outer Islands.           
                                                The "Originals Only" Fine Art Show & Sale
                                            August 11 & 12,  2012  - Marina Park, Comox BC _______________________________________________________________________ 
                                                 Artist of the Month
Montana Railway

Gail Neuls Artist 

I was born and raised in Grenfell Saskatchewan.
I moved to Courtenay, British Columbia in December 1969.  It was in 1980 I attended my first oil painting class. It stirred up my passion for art making.  After a lapse of time while my busy lifestyle took over I took drawing lessons from Tracey Kobus.  Now I was really ready to enter the art world.
             Art Education
1980  - 2 years art instruction John Millhill
1997 to 1999 training and courses with Tracy Kobus
2001 to 2004 North Island College Fine Arts Program
2004 – watercolour training with Marilyn Timms
2005 to present – professional artist self development - there is never an end to learning and creativity and that is what is so very exciting to me.
Exhibitions/shows : For the past 6 years I have participated in numerous shows and exhibitions, both solo and group.  I am a founding member of the Originals Only Show, which started in 2002.  
Gail Neuls  -  3350 Fraser Rd  Courtenay BC  V9N 9P2  -  250 338-2238  -

Joke of the Month

Subject: Fw: 4 worms in Church
                              (Four worms and a lesson to be learned!!!
  A Minister decided that a visual demonstration would add emphasis to his Sunday sermon.
  Four worms were placed into four separate jars.
 The first worm was put into a container of alcohol.
 The second worm was put into a container of cigarette smoke.
 The third worm was put into a container of chocolate syrup.
 The fourth worm was put into a container of good, clean soil.
  At the conclusion of the sermon, the Minister reported the following results:
 The first worm in alcohol ... Dead.
 The second worm in cigarette smoke ...Dead.
  The third worm in chocolate syrup ... Dead.
 The fourth worm in good, clean soil ...Alive.
 So the Minister asked the congregation, "What did you learn from this demonstration?"
 Maxine was sitting in the back and quickly raised her hand and said,
 "As long as you drink, smoke, and eat chocolate, you won't have worms!"
  That pretty much ended the service!!
Thanks to Elaine for this lesson
“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.” - Richard Bach, Illusions

Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Are you vacationing or do you live in the Victoria area of Vancouver Island - Check out this “New Farm Market” in the Saanichton Area,
7337 Wallace Drive, Saanichton, Phone: 778-678-4558
(just north of Stelly’s X Road).
U-picked and picked vegetables, raspberries and marionberries. 
Open March to December, from Tuesday to Sunday. Produce picked daily. Enjoy an adventure walking through our garden. If we sell it, we grew it!

 I will be glad of any comments or corrections and if you wish to see something that is of interest to you please let me know. Thank You for viewing my Newsletter 
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